Type I
Type II
Type III
Type I
Type III
1970-'73 TYPE I Block lettering
with 3 stripes.  Inner stripe is
shorter than outer 2 stripes.

1970-'74 Type II with rectangular
gold lettering.

1974-'76 Type III decal similar to
Type II but with angled ends.

1977-'78 Type IV decal similar to
Type III but with French
stripping.  Stripes
extend below lettering.  Stripes
may be gold on some models.

1974-'79 Type V decal with block
lettering and banding to the left
and right.  Band colors varied
with market and model
Type II 1970-'74
Type V 1974-'79
Type IV 1977-'78
Type I 1970-73
Very limited use, if any from '70-'73
Decal colors vary with paint color.
Note checker board pattern on the
lower part of the down tube.  
Rainbows supersede checkers!!!
1979-1983  Checkers will be on the
top tube or seat tube
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stripes and checkers.  Stripes
would be the primary scheme!!
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Type IV
Type V
Type II
To identify your Peugeots decade, year and model first determine its decade.  The most accurate way to determine the decade is to look at the
decal scheme.  Regardless of what may have read on the internet its not possible to ID a 50's, 60's or 70's model Peugeot by its serial number.  
Some think the number of serial number digits matches the decade with 5 numbers being from the 50's, 6 from the 60's and so on.  This is false
and has been discredited many, many times

Head tube and seat tube decals will be triangular in shape.  60's models through 1963 are difficult to date.  In 1964 Peugeot began using
checkboard decals on the seat tube.  If you bike has check boards its a 1964 model or newer.  Because Peugeot didnt change frame features
and decal schemes very often bike from this era are sometimes dated based on their components

In decal placement a production year can be narrowed down to within 3 years.  A 3 year span isn't too bad considering early 70's Peugeot were
basically the same from 1970 to 1974.  Although thats 5 years there was decal change after 1973.  I've labeled the different decals by 'type' for
purposes of easy identification.  Peugeot literature very clearly shows 'type I decals through the 1973 model year but I believe they were using
old pictures.
 It is very rare, if at all possible, to find a 70's model Peugeot with Type I style decals.  In most instances Type I decals are
associated with 1960's models.  It is possible Peugeot carried over the decal scheme to 1970 and continued to use the same photographs
through 1973 in their literature
Type IV
Its very rare to
see this decal on
a 70's model
bike.  If your bike
has this decal
odds are its a 60's
Down Tube Decals
General Decal Schemes
1970-'76 Square
shape lion badge
centered on the
front side with
rainbow and
checkered bands
above and below.
Head Tube Decals
Seat Tube Decals
Very limited use, if
any from '70-'73

Triangular shaped
lion badge located
on the front center of
Seat tube.  
added above and
below in 1964
Very limited '74
1974-'79 decals with
rectangular badges
located on each side
of the seat tube with
either checker or
French banding
above and below.
French banding
without checkerboard
banding is found on
mixte models only
1979-1983 decals with
badges on each side
of the seat tube with
checkerboards below
the badge.